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Dear Colleagues,

Employers and plan sponsors increasingly recognize the cost-savings and quality that result from utilization of ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) - which are often physician-owned. ASCs are now offering a wide range of surgeries well beyond the traditional orthopedic procedures. Read on to see what is now available in gynecologic surgery.

Hugo D. Ribot Jr., M.D., founder and co-owner, Georgia Advanced Surgery for Women, discusses his outpatient model, where he performs major gynecological procedures - done by 99 percent of all U.S. gynecologists in a hospital setting -- at unbelievably low rates.

We're starting to hear from many hospitals, independent surgi-centers and provider groups that want to be better positioned to serve self-funded employers offering medical/surgical travel options. If you have a good story to tell us, please be in touch! We want to boost opportunities for Centers of Excellence nationwide.

Tell us:

What distinguishes your service offering in terms of cost, patient experience and satisfaction, outcomes, or other quality indicators.

Send us your descriptor, including photos or charts, and we will evaluate for publication in this newsletter.

"Rising health insurance premiums, lack of transparency and increased awareness of how varied medical costs and quality vary dramatically between hospitals and across regions, have pushed consumers right into the arms of international and domestic medical travel. The growing industry provides the perfect solution for patients to receive the high-quality, cost-effective care that they need AND rightfully deserve!" - Laura Carabello, Executive Editor and Publisher, Medical Travel Today and U.S. Domestic Medical Travel.

READERS: I invite you to send quotes relevant to domestic medical travel to editor@usdomesticmedicaltravel.com to be featured in upcoming issues of U.S. Domestic Medical Travel.

Thank you for your interest in this exciting, growing market space. Please be in touch with your comments and editorial contributions, which can be sent directly to: editor@USDomesticMedicalTravel.com.

Laura Carabello
Editor and Publisher

SPOTLIGHT: Hugo D. Ribot Jr., M.D., Founder and Co-owner, Cartersville Ob/Gyn Associates

Cartersville Ob/Gyn Associates
958-A Joe Frank Harris Parkway
Suite 102
Cartersville, GA 30121

About Dr. Hugo D. Ribot Jr., M.D.
Dr. Ribot is a board certified physician in the specialties of obstetrics and gynecology, and advanced operative laparoscopy, and the managing partner of Cartersville Ob/Gyn Associates. A 1981 graduate of Dartmouth College, Dr. Ribot received his medical degree from the University Of Miami School Of Medicine in 1986. He completed his residency in obstetrics and gynecology at Emory University Affiliated Hospitals in 1990, receiving its first-ever annual "Best Laparoscopic Surgical Resident Award." Since joining Cartersville Ob/Gyn in 1990, he has introduced to the northwest Georgia region numerous advancements in the specialty. Dr. Ribot is also the founder and medical director of the practice's onsite outpatient surgical facility, the Georgia Advanced Surgery Center for Women.

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Medical Tourism: Why Employers and Health Insurers are Choosing Medical Travel for their Employees
by Patrick Goodness, CEO, The Goodness Company

Due to the rising costs in healthcare and medical insurance, with deductibles and co-pays so high that they often prevent people from benefiting from the insurance they pay for, it's not a surprise that many Americans are seeking medical and dental care options abroad. Even when taking into account the costs for travel, most medical procedures are less expensive in popular medical tourism destinations, such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Singapore and India.

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Leading US Companies Announce Plan to Transform the Corporate Health Care System
20 of America’s Major Employers, with Four Million Employees and Family Members, Come Together to Form the Health Transformation Alliance

-A Better Way-

Twenty of America’s largest corporations announced today they have joined together to improve the way health care benefits will be purchased for employees in an effort to create better health care outcomes. Their goal is to break with existing marketplace practices that are costly, wasteful and inefficient, all of which have resulted in employees paying higher premiums, copayments and deductibles every year.
“The current system is unsustainable and it costs our employees too much," said Kevin Cox, the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) of American Express. “Even the most successful companies won’t be able to afford the rising costs of health care in the not to

o distant future." “Our priority in this coalition is supporting positive health outcomes for our strongest asset-our employees. Health care benefits are too important to our people for us to sit on the sidelines; the status quo needs to change, and we have to be part of the solution. We are creating a better way of getting workers what they want and need," said Kim Hauer, the CHRO at Caterpillar.

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U.S. Will Remain Hernia Repair Market Leader by 2021 Thanks to Higher Treatment Rates, Says GlobalData
  • U.S. set to hold on to its domination of hernia repair market through to 2021, as treatment rates in the country continue to rise
  • However, various smaller markets, such as Brazil, will expand more rapidly than the U.S. during the forecast period, says analyst

Although there will be substantial changes across the global hernia repair space by 2021 as the new laparoscopic technique grows in popularity, the U.S. will sustain its steady domination of the market due to its superior treatment rates, says research and consulting firm GlobalData.

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CMS Proposes Changes to ACO Structure under Medicare Shared Savings Program
Would provide more flexibility in recalculating payments and renewing contracts
by Ron Shinkman

Fiercehealthfinance.com-The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has proposed a variety of changes to the payments to providers who participate in accountable care organizations (ACOs) under the Medicare Share Savings Program.

To view the original article click here.

Lawmakers Slam Oversight of Failing CO-OPs
CMS' Andy Slavitt defends the startup insurers
by Leslie Small

Fiercehealthpayer.com-At a Senate committee hearing Thursday, Congress members grilled Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services acting administrator Andy Slavitt about what has gone wrong with the Affordable Care Act's flailing startup health insurers.

To view the original article click here.

New Cost-Cutting Strategy: Employer Plans with No Outpatient Surgery Coverage
Unclear how regulators will respond to emerging trend in benefit design
by Katherine Moody

Fiercehealthpayer.com- Unlike insurance sold to individuals and small businesses through online marketplaces, large employers are not required to offer a list of "essential health benefits," so some work-based health plans are starting to exclude outpatient surgeries to cut costs, according to an article from Kaiser Health News.

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Spotlight Interview

Hugo D. Ribot Jr., M.D., Founder and Co-owner, Cartersville Ob/Gyn Associates

News in Review

Medical Tourism: Why Employers and Health Insurers are Choosing Medical Travel for their Employees

Leading US Companies Announce Plan to Transform the Corporate Health Care System

U.S. Will Remain Hernia Repair Market Leader by 2021 Thanks to Higher Treatment Rates, Says GlobalData

CMS Proposes Changes to ACO Structure under Medicare Shared Savings Program

Lawmakers Slam Oversight of Failing CO-OPs

New Cost-Cutting Strategy: Employer Plans with No Outpatient Surgery Coverage